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Inkjet pictures to change the ink when you pay attention to what

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Inkjet pictorial machines often use different inks, but because different inks have different chemical reagents and different solutions, and chemical composition and color composition of the system have a certain difference, therefore, in the high frequency of the replacement process , A little carelessness will cause a certain degree of damage to the machine. So what should we pay attention to when replacing ink?

Inkjet pictures to change the ink when you pay attention to what

    1, pigment ink conversion, especially when the pigment to the dye conversion, please clear the original ink, and then use the cleaning solution or pure water to clean the pipeline, otherwise the chemical substances in the ink may be a chemical reaction plug the nozzle.

    2, the use of HP, NovaJet and other hot foam machine users, must be filled with ink when the air emptying, otherwise it will cause the ink head burning, reduce the nozzle life, or may cause damage to the ink head, or print broken ink The

    3, the use of new ink, because the ink head and ink need to have a fusion time, within a few hours within the test strip broken line for the normal phenomenon; such as monochrome or all not ink, or prolonged use, (Less than two-thirds) or excessive (enriched) in the ink bag, or in the presence of air in the pipe, scraping the waste ink, Pipe air and handle the ink bag parts, as well as clean the net part.

    4, the piezoelectric machine is best to print test drawings every day to keep the nozzle wet; long-term shutdown, the boot once a week to ensure that the ink pipeline and ink head parts moist.

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